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  • to cough
  • cough:    1cough n. せき; せきの出る病気.【動詞+】catch a coughせきの出る病気にかかるI have developed a slight cough.少しせきが出ますemit short dry coughs短いからせきをするHe got a cough.せきの出るかぜをひいたHe gave a peremptory cough to declare his presence.
  • allergic cough:    アレルギー性咳{せいせき}
  • asthmatic cough:    ぜんそく性{せい}の咳{せき}


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  1. you have no idea what someone's going to cough into a cup
    採取する唾液や痰などにも 何が混じっているかわかりません
  2. does a doctor enjoy it when he cups your balls and asks you to cough ?
    医者がタマすくいや 咳を楽しむか?
  3. plus , i'll get the port authority to cough up their files on highend smugglers .
    それと 港湾局に高級品を扱う密輸業者の ファイルを渡してもらうことになってる
  4. you know , i'm surprised that ... you got gail bertram to cough up for a second opinion on a closed case .
    解決した事件の セカンド・オピニオンの費用を あなたがゲイル・バートラムに 出させたなんて 驚きだわ
  5. each time i think of you , i pick some branches of the tree and burn them in the fire; it is nice to cough with smoke , as if it were your memento . (shin-kokin wakashu (new collection of ancient and modem times ) volume no . 8 , " song of sorrow " ).


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