to dump 意味

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  • to dump
  • a dump:    a dump塵溜めごみため
  • dump:    1dump n. ごみ捨て場; 〔軍事〕 臨時集積場.【形容詞 名詞+】an ammunition dump軍需品集積場the city dump市のごみ捨て場a council dump公営のごみ捨て場a garbage dumpごみ捨て場a lumber dump材木置き場The place where I live is a real dump.今住んでいる所は本当にみすぼらしい所だa
  • dump in:    放り込む


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  1. was it really necessary to dump coffee on me ?
    コーヒー ぶっ掛けること ねえだろうってんだ。
  2. they were tracking our cell phones . we had to dump them .
  3. we carry too much weight . we need to dump something .
    積み過ぎです 何かを捨てなくては
  4. you willing to dump your silver in the dirt for seth ?
    銀をドブに捨てるのか? セスの為に?
  5. it's better for you to dump such a jerk .
    こんな情けねえ男 逆にフッちまった方がいいぞ
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