to flow out 意味



  1. The old suikinkutsu adopts a method whereby the water is takes time to flow out naturally , however , because it does not keep a constant tone , a draining tube is installed to keep the water level constant .
  2. In addition , persons in the area , centered on young persons or those in their prime of life , continued to flow out of the area , decreasing the population , since the area was located close to the keihanshin metropolitan region ,
  3. In 1871 , japan introduced gold standard system with a new currency unit , yen (circulated money ), by enacting ' new currency act ,' but vulnerable economic infrastructure in japan at that time allowed gold coin , specie , to flow out continuously .
    日本では1871年(明治4年)に「新貨条例」を定めて、新貨幣単位円 (通貨)とともに確立されたが、まだ経済基盤が弱かった日本からは正貨である金貨の流出が続いた。
  4. The b .s .l . was set at the observation point of the torii-gawa river in 1874 , in the assumption that ' the water level was the lowest possible ' at that time; however , later the water levels of lake biwa often went below the b .s .l ., partly due to the improvement of the seta-gawa river , which caused more water to flow out of the lake .
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