to gain weight 意味

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  • to gain weight
  • gain in weight:    目増し、増量{ぞうりょう}、体重{たいじゅう}の増加{ぞうか}、目方{めかた}が増える
  • gain of weight:    増量{ぞうりょう}
  • gain weight:    体重が増える、太るI have gained weight since last year. 昨年から体重が増えている。


  1. in the brain that tell your body to gain weight
    脳の中で「体重を増やせ」という 1ダース以上の化学的な信号と
  2. is that you're more likely to gain weight
  3. for a pregnant women to gain weight can be a dangerous thing .
    妊婦が体重を増やすのは 危険な事だから。
  4. it causes you to gain weight .
  5. according to tomonosuke takashima , saigo was overweight because he lost a lot of weight when he took refuge at oshima , and almost died en route to oki-no-erabujima island , so the truth might be that he started to gain weight when he was in zashikiro because of lack of exercise at the latter end of his stay on oki-no-erabujima island .


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