to incorporate 意味

  • to incorporate
  • incorporate:    incorporate v. 合同させる, 結合する; 法人組織にする; 組み入れる.【+前置詞】It was incorporated as a limited company.有限責任会社として法人組織になったA tiny village before the Industrial Revolution, this place was incorporated as a city 150
  • incorporate with:    ~と合併{がっぺい}する
  • incorporate a business:    事業{じぎょう}を法人化{ほうじん か}する[会社組織{かいしゃ そしき}にする]


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  1. in order to incorporate some of this public spiritedness
  2. to incorporate the idea and we don't allow for creativity .
  3. you just need to incorporate a certain number of traits
    ただ 特定化した 遺伝的な考えを-
  4. which caused them to incorporate chemicals from the outside
  5. so i basically have tried to incorporate crunchiness
    そのため私は この食感を


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