to make a bed 意味

  • to make a bed
  • make a bed:    ベッドを整える、床を敷く、布団を敷く、ベッドメーキングをするWhy do I have to make the bed every day? I just don't understand why. どうして毎日ベッドメーキングしないといけないの?どうして?
  • to make (bed):    to make (bed)延べるのべる
  • make one's bed and lie in it:    自ら厄介事{やっかい ごと}を招く(だから自分{じぶん}が責任{せきにん}を負う)、自業自得{じごう じとく}である"Quit complaining, Jane. You made your bed, you know." "Yes, yes, I know. I've made my bed and I'll lie in it. But I don't have to like it!"


  1. i know how to make a bed .


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