to pen 意味

  • to pen
  • pen:    1pen n. ペン; 文筆, 著作; 文体, 筆力.【動詞+】bite one's pen and scowl(文が思うように書けないので)筆をくわえて眉をしかめるHe capped his pen and replaced it in his pocket.ペンにキャップをするとポケットに戻したThis demands the pen of a Russell or a Forbes.これ
  • pen-:    {連結} : pene-の異形{いけい}◆母音の前で
  • with a pen:    ペンでI signed my name with a pen. 私はペンで自分の名を書いた。


  1. you know those electric fences they use to pen horses ?
    馬を囲う 電気フェンスに―
  2. emperor daigo deeply admired his calligraphy , commissioning michikaze to draw the calligraphy for the name-plate of daigo-ji temple , and also to pen several scrolls on various aspects of the art of calligraphy .


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