to prop 意味

  • to prop
  • prop:    1prop n. 支柱; 支え, 頼り.【動詞+】It knocked the props from under the economy.それは経済を支える支柱を倒してしまったknock out the props after the concrete has setコンクリートが固まってから支え板をたたいてはずすAlcohol can provide a prop for someone u
  • a prop or support:    a prop or support突っ支いつっかい突っ支い棒つっかいぼう
  • central prop:    中心的{ちゅうしんてき}な支柱{しちゅう}


  1. and we just have to prop those up in the right way
  1. you also know that federal income tax is governmentsanctioned theft intended to prop up a global conspiracy of bankers ?
    それに連邦所得税は 政府の窃盗と同じだろ 銀行家による世界的陰謀だ
  1. ji is a part of soh which corresponds to koma or bridge of other stringed instruments , and its function is to prop ito , defining pitch and transmitting vibration to the body .


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