to surmise 意味

  • to surmise
  • surmise:    1surmise n. 《文語》 憶測, 推測.【動詞+】confirm one's surmise自分の憶測を確認するEvents disproved my surmise.私の憶測はいろんな出来事で否定されたHe ventured the surmise that….…ではないかという推測を思いきって持ちだした.【形容詞 名詞+】It was mere surmise.単なる推測だったTh
  • surmise the provenance of:    ~の起源{きげん}を推測{すいそく}する
  • wild surmise:    大ざっぱな推測{すいそく}


  1. considering the level of harmony shown in these exchanges , it is easy to surmise that the affection emperor murakami felt towards queen kishi was anything but slight .
  2. you see , our questioning led them to surmise that tyler's tattoo would eventually lead us to finding the grave , so they came back here , to where they buried the body nine years ago , to move it before we found it .
    タイラーの刺青で ここを発見されると思い 戻って来たんだ 見つかる前に 遺体を移動させる為に
  3. ironmaking was the leading-edge technology in those days , so the fact that the swords made of iron , the crystallization of the latest technology , ' was presented to amaterasu (the sun goddess )' can be said to be an interesting episode to surmise the relationship between izumo and yamato at that time .


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