to talk about 意味

  • to talk about
  • talk about:    {句動-1} : ~について話す[口にする]、~を話題{わだい}にする、~のうわさ話をするWe talked about many things the other night. 私たちはこのあいだの夜、いろいろなことを話した。He has a lot of things to talk about. 彼は話題が豊富な人です。I don't want to talk about it. そんな
  • talk about this and that:    よもやま話をする
  • talk about one's feelings about:    ~に関する[ついての]自分{じぶん}の気持ち{きもち}を話す


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  1. mother , it's not the moment to talk about that ...
    お母さん。 今はね その話は...。
  2. a lot of people don't even want to talk about it .
    口にするのも イヤな方も多いでしょう
  3. so there was no way to talk about it in conferences .
  4. maya , i'm here to talk about your nephew .
    マヤ? 私はあなたの甥について 話す為にここにいるの
  5. men like to talk about other men when they're happy .


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