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  • 〈話〉全く、すっかり
  • -wide:    -wideぐるみ
  • wide:    wide adj., adv. 広い, 広く; 離れた.【副詞】How wide is it?幅はどのくらいありますかHis guess was ridiculously wide of the mark.彼の推測はばかげたほどまと外れだったThe arrow was some three inches wide of the bull's-eye.矢はまとの中心から 3 インチほど外れたHe
  • wide on:    {名} :


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  1. we're going to the wide open spaces of antarctica .
    私たちは、南極の広い オープンスペースとしてきた。
  2. to the wide variety of specialized cell types
  3. corresponding to the wide use of cotton-made tabi , buttons instead of laces became to be used to prevent a tabi from slipping off .
  4. these days , however , due to the wide acceptance of animal fat as delicious food and improvement in preservation and transportation technologies , fresh and delicious toro has become available , and people consider toro as luxury food .
  5. it is unclear as to when the kogo-ishi were built , and even if they are of the same era it is probable that we only collectively refer to the wide variety of constructions as ' kogo-ishi ' based on the distorting prism of what remains today .


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