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  • {名} : パイプ、キセル、煙管、喫煙パイプ◆きざみたばこを吸う道具。きせるは、頭から、雁首{がんくび}=bowl、羅宇{らう}(木、竹)=stem, 吸い口=mouthpiece。煙管は当て字(カンボジア語の khsier=管から)。


  1. the vendors cleaned out resin from the bamboo stem of a japanese long thin tobacco pipe or exchanged the parts .
  2. a gentleman , who would carry a solid silver tobacco pipe casually in a bag made of famed fabrics imported from spain and portugal , or china , and exchange jokes by drinking sake quietly , was especially poplar in yoshiwara .
  3. the ' temple gate ' scene in kabuki , " kinmon gosan no kiri (sanmon gosan no kiri )" (the temple gate and the paulownia crest ), is a famous scene in which he takes a flamboyant pose with a tobacco pipe in one hand and says , ' what a glorious view , what a glorious view , the scenery of spring is worth its weight in gold , how small that is , how small that is ,' and he reads a poem as a part of his line in the temple gate scene , ' although there maybe an end to ishikawa and sand on the beach , there is no end to the seeds of robbers in this world (said to be his poem at his death )' as he is roasted to death in a cauldron .
    歌舞伎『金門五山桐』(楼門五三桐)の「山門」の場で「絶景かな、絶景かな、春の眺めは値千金とは小せえ、ちいせえ」と煙管片手に見得を切り、楼門の場の科白で釜煎りにされながら詠む「石川や 浜の真砂は 尽きるとも 世に盗人の 種は尽きまじ(辞世の句とされている)」が有名である。


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