tough period 意味

  • 不況期{ふきょう き}
  • enter a period of tough competition:    しのぎを削る競争時代{きょうそう じだい}に入る
  • in tough:    苦労{くろう}をして、困難{こんなん}に立ち向かって
  • tough:    1tough n. 《口語》 ならず者, 乱暴者.【形容詞 名詞+】wild young toughs乱暴な若いならず者たち.【前置詞+】a gang of toughsぐれん隊a group of young toughs若いならず者の一団. 2tough adj. たくましい; 堅い; 困難な; 厳しい; つらい; ひどい.【副詞】They are not mentally tough e


  1. and went through a really tough period .
    つらい時期を過ごしている彼を 訪ねました
  1. which i think is part of why this is such a tough period .
    それが この時期が困難になる理由だと思うのです
  1. he ventured into various businesses , however , none were successful during the tough period in japan under the occupation of the allied forces .


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