tough time 意味

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  • 大変{たいへん}な時期{じき}、難しい経験、つらい経験、大変な経験
  • face a tough time:    大変{たいへん}な時期{じき}に直面{ちょくめん}する
  • go through a tough time:    つらい時を過ごす[経験{けいけん}する?切り抜ける]
  • have a really tough time:    本当{ほんとう}にきつい思い[大変{たいへん}な経験{けいけん}]をする


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  1. this is a tough time for people sticking with analog .
    アナログ派には きつい時代だな。
  2. yeah but my sister is having a tough time now .
    そうだけど 姉ちゃん今 大変なときだし
  3. i had a tough time with my oldest out at the drop off .
  4. yeah , well , i've been having a tough time of it myself .
  5. looks like you're having a tough time . going to make the deadline ?


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