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  1. japanese traditional religion was influenced by buddhism , honji-suijaku setsu (theory of original reality and manifested traces ) was introduced , leading to the syncretism of shinto and buddhism .
  2. sumo is originally a ritual ceremony based on shinto , which is the japanese traditional religion , and local communities still have ' honozumo ' (ritual sumo matches held at a shrine ) as a festival in various regions throughout japan .
  3. at first , the meiji government intended to keep citizens away from the influence of christianity and to educate them on the new systems made by the new government renewed after the meiji restoration with authority and foundations of the japanese traditional religion; however , the separation of religion and politics and the freedom of religion were essential policies in order to establish a modernized nation , and the cancellation of a ban on christianity was indispensable to maintain the diplomatic relationships with western countries .


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