traffic in 意味

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  • ~を不正{ふせい}に売買{ばいばい}する
  • traffic:    1traffic n.(1) 交通(量), (人 車などの)往来; 運輸(量).【動詞+】The road cannot accommodate much more traffic.この道路ははるかに多い交通量には対応できないTraffic is backed up for three miles.《米》 交通は 3 マイルも渋滞しているAn overturned truck is block
  • traffic on:    ~を不正{ふせい}に利用{りよう}する
  • traffic hell, traffic congestion:    traffic hell, traffic congestion交通地獄こうつうじごく


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  1. there is little traffic in the residential area .
  2. they've been known to traffic in biotech in the past .
    生物技術の売買を 仕切っていた連中なので-
  3. it receives the highest volume of human traffic in a year .
  4. i don't traffic in the truth too often , but
    俺はあまり多く 真実を語らない
  5. that produces about a third of the traffic in the network .


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