truly admirable achievement 意味

  • 称賛{しょうさん}に値する偉業{いぎょう}
  • admirable:    admirable adj. 見事な.【+前置詞】The work is admirable for the vast knowledge it has assembled.その著作は膨大な学識を集めた点で称賛すべきものであるThe discovery is admirable in that it will alleviate the suffering of millions.その発見は何
  • truly:    truly全くまったく真にしんにまことに実にじつに本真にほんまに何様なにさま本当にほんとうに
  • achievement:    achievement n. 達成, 成就, 成功; 業績, 偉業, 功績; 成績.【動詞+】accomplish a great achievement偉業をなし遂げるFew children of famous men can emulate the achievements of their fathers.有名な人の子供で父親の功績と張りあえる者は少ないevaluate sb's ac


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