truly depicted 意味

  • 《be ~》忠実に描かれている
  • depicted in:    《be ~》~に描かれる
  • depicted in the media:    《be ~》メディアで描かれる[描写{びょうしゃ}される]
  • truly:    truly全くまったく真にしんにまことに実にじつに本真にほんまに何様なにさま本当にほんとうに


  1. although he also participated in the maruyama school , he mentioned his disapproval regarding the birds drawn by maruyama school artists that those were not truly depicted as live birds yet .
  1. it truly depicted a common image of lords of the kinai region transforming from the unarmed existence to the those armed with samurai and military tools within a span of several decades , and became a servant that was similar to gokenin and jito (land steward appointed by the central military government to each of the manors into which the countryside was divided ) that protected residences during kamakura period .


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