tube framework for telescope 意味

  • 望遠鏡用{ぼうえんきょう よう}の鏡筒{きょうとう}
  • telescope:    telescope n. 望遠鏡.【動詞+】adjust a telescope望遠鏡を調節するdirect a telescope at the moon望遠鏡を月に向けるfocus a telescope望遠鏡の焦点を合わせるI can't focus the telescope properly.望遠鏡の焦点をうまく合わせられないfold (up) a telescope望遠鏡を折りたた
  • framework:    framework n. 骨組, 枠組; 構成; 体制.【動詞+】create a framework骨組を立てるdevelop a framework for municipal government市政体制を生みだすestablish a framework体制を確立するThe roads formed a framework for an immense distribution sys
  • by tube:    地下鉄で


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