turn tricks 意味

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  • 〈俗〉娼婦{しょうふ}が客を取る
  • tricks:    tricks詭計きけい小細工こざいく
  • a bag of tricks:    a [the whóle] bág of trícks (目的達成に必要な)あの手この手.
  • bag of tricks:    {1} : 一切合財{いっさいがっさい}、あらゆる術策{じゅっさく}[手段{しゅだん}]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{2} : 〈性俗〉陰嚢{いんのう}


  1. you're a whore , and your mother was a whore , and her mother , and your father used to turn tricks at a gas station .
    売女だ お前のお袋も そのお袋も それに親父も━


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