two o'clock, eastern wartime 意味

  • {著作} : 深夜特別放送◆米2001《著》ジョン?ダニング(John Dunning)
  • two o'clock in the morning:    two o'clock in the morning丑の刻うしのこく
  • from two o'clock to three:    2時から3時に
  • o'clock:    o'clock adv. …時; …時の位置 .【雑】He arrived after seven o'clock. 7時過ぎに着いたat two o'clock sharpぴったり 2 時にat ten o'clock at night夜の 10 時にThe fighter plane approached at 12 o'clock. 12時の方角から戦闘機が接近したa steering


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