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  1. this put kinpusen-ji temple under jurisdiction of the tendai-shu sect (nikko rinno-ji temple ).
  2. japanese judicature was modeled after the european judicial system , and administrative lawsuit was not under jurisdiction of courts of law , but administrative courts .
  3. the oshu kira clan came under jurisdiction of the hojo clan through a marriage of expediency , in the similar manner to the kogakubo , coaxed and became a puppet player of the gohojo clan who had become the ruler of the kanto region .
  4. chokushiden which was mainly established on vacant land or moorland was funded by shozei (the rice tax stored in provincial offices ' warehouse ) managed by the provincial governor ' s office , and the management of chokushiden was under jurisdiction of the provincial governor .
  5. the term " gokenin in kyoto " (zaikyo gokenin ) refers to a gokenin (an immediate vassal of the shogunate in the kamakura and muromachi through edo periods ) who was permanently stationed in and around kyoto under jurisdiction of the kamakura bakufu (japanese feudal government headed by a shogun ).


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