unfavorable weather 意味

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  • 悪天候{あくてんこう}
  • unfavorable:    unfavorable, 《英》 unfavourable adj. 都合の悪い, 不利な.【副詞】The comments of the experts were, by and large, highly unfavorable.専門家たちの意見はおおむね非常に非好意的であった.【+前置詞】The weather was unfavorable for shooting.天候は猟にはよくな
  • to weather:    to weather乗り切るのりきる
  • weather:    1weather n. 天気, 天候; 風化.【動詞+】Volcanic eruptions affect the weather.火山の噴火は天気に影響を与えるThey braved the weather to rescue people stranded in the snow.天候をものともせずに雪で立ち往生した人々の救出作業に当たったA north wind usually brin


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