unforeseeable 意味

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  • {形} : 予測{よそく}[予見{よけん}]不可能{ふかのう}な[できない?し得ない]


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  1. but then again , i guess it's also not unforeseeable
    でも 慣れ親しんだものから 未知のものを見つけるのは
  2. this was utterly unforeseeable .
  3. the life of a samurai depends exceptionally on the unforeseeable changes of destiny .
    待の入生 思うに巣達をはガるも 蔓き目に翼うも
  4. impossible capability holdings boundary masanori okita people disqualification unforeseeable condition
  5. and we deem that what happened ... to trainees senzaki and mishima was force majeure ; unforeseeable .
    仙崎大輔 三島優二 両訓練生の遭難は 予測不可能な 不慮の事故だったと言える


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