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  1. as a unit of measurement for human experience
  2. the serving size is approximately one and a half go (a japanese unit of measurement ) for two people , two go for three people and three go for four people .
    分量 2人分1合半、3人分2合、4人分3合が目安。
  3. it has been suggested that the magatama is connected to a strap with a length of eight saka ( ' saka ' is a unit of measurement that was used in ancient times; eight aka is about 1 .4 meters long ).
  4. in april 1651 , tsunayoshi and his elder brother , nagamatsu (tsunashige tokugawa ), were presented with 150 ,000 koku (a unit of measurement for rice volume , used to asses wealth , 1 koku is 180 .39 liter ) from the provinces of omi , mino , shinano , suruga and kozuke , and were also given some retainers .
  5. the reason why the master guest rooms were mainly square shaped rooms measuring nine ken (one ken is a japanese unit of measurement equal to just less than two meters ) along each side was that their shape was based on that of an amidado (temple hall containing an enshrined image of amitabha ), which was built in an effort to create heaven on earth .


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