vaginal apex 意味

  • 膣尖
  • apex:    apex n. 頂点; 絶頂.【形容詞 名詞+】the solar apex〔天文〕 太陽向点.【前置詞+】at the apex of a triangle三角形の頂点でHe was at the apex of his power.権勢の絶頂にあった.【+前置詞】the apex of a cone円錐形の頂点the apex of a triangle三角関係の頂点She has rea
  • at the apex of:    ~の爛熟期に
  • vaginal:    {名} : 膣筋、膣性交--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形-1} : 膣の --------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形-2} : 鞘の、鞘状の


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