vaginal spasm 意味

  • 膣痙{ちつけい}
  • spasm:    spasm n. けいれん; 発作, (感情などの)一時的高まり, 衝動.【動詞+】cause a spasmけいれんを引き起こすhave a spasm of nausea突然吐き気を催すrelieve a spasmけいれんを静める.【+動詞】She was suddenly caught by a spasm of fear that he might find out.彼女は彼が真相を
  • vaginal:    {名} : 膣筋、膣性交--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形-1} : 膣の --------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形-2} : 鞘の、鞘状の
  • accommodation spasm:    調節{ちょうせつ}けいれん


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