vaginal 意味

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  • {名} : 膣筋、膣性交
    {形-1} : 膣の
    {形-2} : 鞘の、鞘状の
  • bleeding vaginal:    膣出血{ちつ しゅっけつ}
  • vaginal adenosis:    膣腺疾患{ちつせん しっかん}、膣腺症{ちつせん しょう}
  • vaginal anus:    膣肛門{ちつ こうもん}


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  1. sounds like a whole lot of vaginal activity to me .
    全く おっ起ってくる響きだ
  2. and made sure she was coated with those vaginal microbes
  3. all of their microbes are basically like the vaginal community
  4. which is usually having vaginal intercourse
    通常それは膣性交で —
  5. if its at least 750g , we can deliver it through vaginal route
    750gも あれば ちゃんと 産ませられる。


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