ventilated 意味

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  • {形} : 換気した、空気を通した
    The front wheels feature ventilated brake discs with a large effective cooling area. フロントホイールは、冷却を効率よくするために大きな領域を取ったベンチレーテッド式ブレーキディスクを備えています。
    A ventilated disk has been employed for the front brakes.


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  1. what we've found is that mechanically ventilated air
    私たちは 機械で換気された空気が
  2. we looked at rooms that were mechanically ventilated
  3. we wanted to make the parking naturally ventilated
  4. in this building and the way it was ventilated .
    換気方法のデザインを 手がけました
  5. you'll see that , in the mechanically ventilated air


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