vertical direction 意味

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  • 垂直方向{すいちょく ほうこう}
  • write texts in vertical direction:    文字{もじ}を縦書きにする、縦に文章{ぶんしょう}を書く
  • vertical:    vertical垂直すいちょく鉛直えんちょく直立ちょくりつ
  • vertical to:    《be ~》~に対して垂直{すいちょく}である


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  1. the pleats are folded in a vertical direction .
  2. and interact with electric charge along the vertical direction
  3. along the vertical direction .
  4. a waistband and thin belts may be a conventional roll of muslin folded into three in a vertical direction and blind-stitched without a core , which makes it hard to come loose .
  5. the main body of japanese bells is divided horizontally by three horizontal bands called jotai (the upper band ), chutai (the middle band ) and katai (the lower band ), and also divided in the vertical direction by bands referred to as jutai (vertical bands ).


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