very fast 意味

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  • very fast
  • develop very fast in:    ~で非常{ひじょう}に急速{きゅうそく}に[すごいスピードで]発達{はったつ}[発展{はってん}?成長{せいちょう}]する
  • gain strength very fast in:    ~で急速{きゅうそく}に勢いを得る
  • happen at a very fast speed:    非常{ひじょう}に速い速度{そくど}で起こる


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  1. tell me every little detail , but make it very fast .
    小さなことでも全部。 ねえ、早く!
  2. we thought maybe it was deteriorating very fast .
  3. we thought maybe it was deteriorating very fast .
  4. what do you really want ? you want to go very fast
    で どうしたいんだ? 突っ走って
  5. and initiate very , very fast corrective maneuvers .
    素早く 飛行姿勢を修正することができる


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