video tape 意味

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  1. since there was no video tape of the ghost parade
    とはビデオがありませんでしたので、 ゴブリンのパレードの...
  2. hey ! i wanna see the recording from the accident . the video tape .
    事故の映像を見たい 日誌も
  3. we're looking for any video tape of this mysterious parade .
    私たちは、ビデオを探している この神秘的なパレードの。
  4. no , it is the video tape , is the suspicious timing , that is the reason !
    いや ビデオテープだ 疑わしいタイミング それが理由だ!
  5. after that , the support group for the totsuka yacht school bought the copyrights and the movie was made into video tape and dvd for sale in september 2005 .


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