virtue 意味

発音記号: [ 'və:tju: ]発音を聞く   virtueの例文
  • a virtue:    a virtue一徳いっとく
  • by virtue of:    ~のおかげで、~の理由{りゆう}で、~に基づいてBy virtue of her age, she was allowed to board the plane before anyone else. 彼女は年齢のおかげで、ほかの誰よりも先に飛行機に乗ることができた。
  • in virtue of:    =


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  1. not your strong virtue , if i remember right , gordon .
  2. it's the face of the president of kyoto gakuen virtue ..
  3. reservation is a virtue of the japanese people , but
    遠慮は 日本人の美徳ではありますが
  4. why are you now sticking onto kyoto gakuen virtue ?
    なぜ そこまで 京徳学園にこだわる?
  5. is we tempt people with virtue and vice by using money .
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