voices 意味

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  • {映画} : 二人だけの微笑◆米1978
  • babble of voices:    連続的なおしゃべり(の声)、ざわめきI heard the babble of voices before I reached the doorway.The babble of voices grew to a crescendo.
  • babel of voices:    騒がしく飛びかう声
  • blur of voices:    ぼんやり聞こえる声


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  1. not used to hearing voices outside my head .
    自分の頭の外からの声をきくことにも 慣れてない。
  2. but ... all of those eyes , all of those voices ...
    でも... 全部の目が 全部の声が
  3. i'd like to play you some voices of little girls
  4. your laughing voices sound like contempt
    今の俺にとって お前らの笑い声は 軽蔑と嘲笑に聞こえる!
  5. if we do , we will find that the collective voices
    もし実現すれば 貧しい人々みんなの声が


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