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  • wax tree
  • wax-tree:    wax-tree櫨の木はぜのき
  • a (japanese) wax tree:    a (Japanese) wax tree黄櫨はぜ
  • wax:    1wax n. ろう; ワックス; 耳あか; 封ろう.【動詞+】apply wax to a car車にワックスを塗るmelt waxろうを溶かすmold waxろうを型に流しこむHave you put wax on your skis?スキー板にワックスを塗ったかいremove wax from one's ears耳あかを取るShe rubbed wax on the bottom of


  1. bonsai for enjoying the leaves (including maple , zelkova , japanese wax tree , bamboo )
  2. the bamboo bow usually uses madake (japanese timber bamboo , phyllostachys bambusoides ) and hazenoki (japanese wax tree , rhus succedanea l ).
  3. other achievements of nagatsune include the successful cultivation of hazenoki (rhus succedanea , a kind of wax tree ) and kozo (a mixture of broussonetia kazinoki and b . papyrifera , a material for japanese paper ), mastery of the wax extraction technique , and the settlement of production of unglazed earthenware as a samurai ' s side job .
  4. on new year ' s day , following shihohai (a shinto ceremony held on new year ' s day in which the emperor pays respect to the deities in all quarters ) which the emperor presides at in the southern courtyard of shinka-den (deity venerating hall ), the ceremony which the ceremonial staff presides at is undertaken in the early morning of the same day from 5:30 a .m . at the three shrines in the imperial court as follows: norito (shinto prayer ) is dedicated by the ceremonial staff , then the emperor , after finishing shihohai at around 5:40 , gives a prayer in korozen no goho (an attire dyed grave ochre with japanese wax tree as a base and coated with raspberry red and bluish purple (the supreme color ), which the emperor puts on when he perform an important ritual ), and in continuation , the imperial prince in oni no ho (a bright orange colored attire dyed with gardenia fruit and safflower (noble color ), which the crown prince puts on in a ritual ) gives a prayer .


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