weave wool 意味

  • 毛糸を編む
  • to weave:    to weave織るおる
  • weave:    1weave n. 織り(方), 編み(方).【形容詞 名詞+】(a) basket weaveかご編み(で編んだ布など)a close weave目の詰んだ織り方a coarse weave目の粗い織り方a fine weave細かい織り方a herringbone weaveヘリンボン模様の織り方cloth with a loose weave目の粗い織り方をした布This materia
  • wool:    wool n. 羊毛, 毛織物.【動詞+】They raised the sheep, carded the wool, spun the yarn, and wove the cloth.羊を育て羊毛を梳(す)き糸を紡ぎ布を織ったWe get wool from sheep.羊毛は羊から取るKeep your wool on!《英口語》 怒るなknit wool毛糸を編むpick woolか


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