wide on 意味

  • {名} : <→WIDE-ON>
  • -wide:    -wideぐるみ
  • to the wide:    〈話〉全く、すっかり
  • wide:    wide adj., adv. 広い, 広く; 離れた.【副詞】How wide is it?幅はどのくらいありますかHis guess was ridiculously wide of the mark.彼の推測はばかげたほどまと外れだったThe arrow was some three inches wide of the bull's-eye.矢はまとの中心から 3 インチほど外れたHe


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  1. need to be about 10 feet deep and 15 feet wide on both sides .
    深さは10フィート必要だ 縦・横は15フィートだ
  2. doesn't matter anyway , she always had a massive wide on for adrian keane .
    問題はない 彼女は エイドリアン・キーンにいつも大股広げてた
  3. the cave is 3 .15 meters long from the entrance to the inner wall , 1 .56 meters high and 2 .34 meters wide on the inner wall .
  4. the medieval city of sakai was prepared for defense by being surrounded by a moat 3m deep and 10m wide on three sides and a wooden door .
  5. it ' s a small pagoda that is a little over 16 meters high , which is one third the height of the five-storied pagoda of kofuku-ji temple , and its first story is 2 .5 meters wide on each side .


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