will to fight 意味

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  • 戦意{せんい}
  • (will to) fight:    (will to) fight闘志とうし
  • fight:    1fight n. 戦い, けんか, 論争; (ボクシングの)試合; 戦意, 闘志.【動詞+】avoid a fight戦いを避けるbegin a fight戦いを始めるcarry a fight through to the end戦いをやり通すfight a good fight立派に戦うfight the good fight(信仰に従う)善良な生き方をしようとするThere is no
  • fight for:    ~のために争うHe is determined to fight for democracy. 民主主義のために戦う決意が彼にはある。


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  1. i neither have the energy or the will to fight the americans .
  2. how dull . you've utterly lost the will to fight back .
  3. hey ! what would make you lose your will to fight ?
    おい お前がやる気を無くすのはどんな時だ
  4. you believed the enemy's words and lost the will to fight ?!
  5. such force of will ... such a will to fight .
    リリーフ ケンカなら買ってやるぜ


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