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  • 《with (a) certainty》確かに、確実{かくじつ}に、確信{かくしん}を持って
    I at last knew with a certainty the truth of the case. その事件の真相が分かったとある意味確信した。
  • certainty:    certainty n. 確実, 確実性; 確信.【動詞+】Can you confirm the certainty of the report?その報道の真実性を確かめられますかThe newly discovered facts destroyed the certainty of his thesis.新発見の事実によって彼の論文の真実性が損なわれたWe should question
  • for a certainty:    確かに
  • absolute certainty:    絶対{ぜったい}に確実{かくじつ}なこと


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  1. they want to face the future with certainty ! agreed !
  2. we are the one people with certainty . moral certainty .
    我々は確固たる者達 なのです
  3. well , the first thing you can say , i think with certainty
  4. can you say with certainty that you are you ?
  5. can you say with certainty that you are you ?


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