with choice 意味

  • 慎重に
  • at choice:    《at (one's) choice》好き勝手に、好みのままに
  • by choice:    自分{じぶん}で判断{はんだん}を下して、自ら進んで、好んで、選ぶとすればI moved to Saudi Arabia by choice. 私は好んでサウジアラビアに引っ越した。
  • choice:    1choice n. 選択; 選択物; 選択権.【動詞+】Allow him a free choice between….彼に…を自由に選ばせなさいThey all applauded his choice of cabinet members.みな彼の組閣を称賛したChoice must be determined by merit.取り柄で選択を決めなければならないA careful c


  1. god is the one with choice , travis .
    神は慎重なお方だ トラヴィス
  2. they were flooded with choice
  3. everything begins with choice .
  4. do you associate with choice ?


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