with embarrassment 意味

  • きまり悪そうに、ばつが悪く
  • embarrassment:    embarrassment n. きまり悪さ, 困惑; 困難, 障害.【動詞+】a measure taken to avoid possible embarrassment起こりうる困難を避けるために取る方策The revelation caused the candidate considerable embarrassment.その暴露によりその候補はかなり恥ずかしい思いをしたHe co
  • in embarrassment:    当惑{とうわく}して、照れたように
  • avoid embarrassment:    恥ずかしい思いをしない


  1. the story of when she notices her mistake and loses herself with embarrassment is yet some months away .
    <彼女が その間違いに気付き 恥ずかしさのあまり
  2. toba-in asked ayame-no-mae about the situation , but she just turned red with embarrassment , and did not give any clear answer .


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