with no responsibility 意味

  • 責任{せきにん}を持たずに
  • no responsibility:    責任{せきにん}なし
  • responsibility:    responsibility n. 責任, 責務, 職責; 負担.【動詞+】We can't abandon our responsibilities.責任を放棄するわけにはいかないI cannot accept (the) responsibility for….…の責任を引き受けることはできないadminister effectively executive responsibilitie
  • responsibility for:    ~に対する責任{せきにん}、~の責任{せきにん}


  1. oh , man , it must be nice to be john pope , to live life with no responsibility , no accountability , no sense of obligation , no sense of duty , no sense of honor , and no sense of remorse !
    ジョン・ポープはいいな 無責任に暮らし 義務感も恩義も使命も 名誉も後悔もない


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