with relief 意味

  • ホッとして
  • for the relief of:    ~の治療{ちりょう}のために
  • in relief:    {1} : 浮き彫りにして、目立って--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{2} : 安心{あんしん}[安堵{あんど}]して、ホッとして
  • on relief:    (貧困{ひんこん}?失業{しつぎょう}などのため)生活保護{せいかつ ほご}を受けてLucy is on relief having lost her job last week. ルーシーは先週失業し、生活保護を受けている。


  1. a court noble kanezane kujo , the author of " gyokuyo " was a sympathizer for yoritomo , but commented with relief on the peaceful days in kyoto after his departure and cerebrated his personality as follows:
  2. for shape , there are 輪車 (環状 )根付 , sashi netsuke (long , slender netsuke carved in three dimensions or with relief carving ), manju netsuke (round , flat netsuke ), hako netsuke (box-type netsuke ), katabori netsuke (figural , three-dimensional sculpture ), ryusa netsuke (manju-shaped netsuke with openwork design ), kagamibuta netsuke (mirror-lid netsuke ), etc .
  3. at least , 13 pieces of mirrors in 9 categories were buried , that is , 1 piece each of shaen nishin niju-kyo (a mirror with raised edge and relief engraving of two animals and two gods ), hokakukiku shishin-kyo mirror (a round mirror with a square pattern in the middle and engraving of four gods ), jutai kyo (round mirror of animal pattern ) and hirabuchi (listel ) shinju-kyo mirror (a mirror with relief engraving of animals ), 3 pieces of naiko kamon-kyo mirror (a mirror with patterns like a flower-petal ) and 6 pieces of four types of sankakubuchi shinju-kyo mirror (a round mirror with raised edge and relief engraving of animals and gods ) on the basis of the restored pieces from fragments .


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