with the increase of 意味

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  • ~の増加{ぞうか}を受けて
  • increase:    1increase n. 増加.【動詞+】What has caused the increase in crime?犯罪の増加の原因は何かcheck any further increase of the population人口がこれ以上ふえないようにするThe strikers demand a 20 percent increase in wages.ストライキ中の労働者は 20 パー
  • on the increase:    (次第{しだい}に)増えて、増加中{ぞうか ちゅう}で、増加傾向で、漸増傾向で◆【対】on the decreaseInfluenza is on the increase this time of the year. インフルエンザは一年のこの時期に流行る。Sales of UNIX-based publishing workstations and servers are also on
  • to increase:    to increase殖やす増やすふやす上げるあげる嵩むかさむ加えるくわえる加わるくわわる増える殖えるふえる付くつく増すます


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  1. in proportion with the increase of japanese people , the scale of trade between japan and korea became larger than that between china and korea .
  2. with the increase of bureaucratic daikan , although their term was not fixed , they were mostly replaced within a few years after the kanei era (1624 - 1644 ).
  3. with the increase of succession by direct descent , the imperial princess who was qualified to hi was limited to emperor ' s maternal half-sister and aunt .
  4. with the increase of fruit consumption caused by the booming recovery after the war , unshu mikan was traded at high prices and some people called it " yellow diamond ."
  5. false registering was rampant , and with the increase of owners of kubunden (rice fields given to each farmer in the ritsuryo system ) who falsely registered themselves as women , revenue from rice tax dropped .


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