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  1. However , with the popularization of joruri music such as katobushi , jiuta in its original form was gradually played less and less .
  2. Also , with the popularization of sushi , it is not rare for asian food restaurants serving rice foods , such as korean food ones or chinese food ones , have a japanese-style sushi bar on the corner .
  3. Sencha-do was at it ' s peak in the ' 60s to ' 70s , however , in accordance with the popularization of sencha , the interests of people waned and the activity currently reached a plateau .
  4. With the popularization of sushi , some asian foods restaurants have set up a sushi bar , naming themselves " 〇〇chinese restaurant & sushi bar " or " korean barbecue & sushi bar ."
  5. Nowadays , with the popularization of onsui senjo benza , household appliance manufacturers such as panasonic electric works co ., ltd ., toshiba corporation , hitachi appliances , inc . and so on actively enter the market , but they cannot produce the pottery and their entries are limited to the ' toilet seat ' part .
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