written notice 意味

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  • 文書[書面]による通知{つうち}[通告{つうこく}]
    Buyer shall have a further __ days from the date of receipt of the amended and tested pre-production samples to provide Maker with a further written notice of acceptance or rejection. 《契約書》買い手は、修正品の受領日から+もっと...
  • on written notice:    文書通告{ぶんしょ つうこく}により
  • advance written notice:    書面{しょめん}による事前通告{じぜん つうこく}、事前通知書{じぜん つうち しょ}
  • give written notice to:    (人)に通知書を送付するEither party may terminate this Agreement by giving written notice to the other if performance of this Agreement is substantially prevented for more than __ months due to any cause refer


  1. the written notice of seizure .
  2. particularly , it is revealed that the kinmu seisaku by the satsuma domain (which came into effect in 1613 through a written notice to the ryukyu kingdom ) was a relatively loose regulation , whereby the carriage of weapons such as swords was banned but ownership of weapons was not .


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