years of assiduous effort and study 意味

  • 多年{たねん}のたゆまぬ努力{どりょく}と勉強{べんきょう}
  • assiduous study:    たゆみない研究{けんきゅう}
  • study with someone for years and years:    (人)のもとで何年{なんねん}も何年{なんねん}も学ぶ
  • assiduous:    assiduous adj. 勤勉な; 配慮の行き届いた.【+前置詞】be assiduous at one's studies学業に励んでいるbe assiduous in the performance of one's duties勤勉に自分の職務を履行するShe was assiduous in her efforts to make me feel at home.私をくつろいだ気分


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