you're the doctor 意味

  • Yóu're the dóctor.
  • you're:    【発音】ju'э(r)、【@】ユア--------------------------------------------------------------------------------you are の縮約形
  • you're not watching where you're going!:    you're not watching where you're going!前方不注意ぜんぽうふちゅうい
  • anytime you're ready:    ánytime you're réady.いつでもいいよ《◆「あとは君の準備のでき次第」の意で,遠回しに相手の準備を促す表現》.


  1. you're the doctor in this village , right ?
    あなたは この村のお医者さまでしたね。
  2. that's why you're the doctor , doctor .
    ドクター あなたがいる理由はそれです
  3. okay , so you're the doctor , so you're obviously watson , and i'm the slightly odd but hot mad genius , so that makes me sherlock .
    先生は医者だしワトソンで 俺は変だけど天才だから シャーロックだ


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