発音記号・読み方: [ breik ]  
  • break日本語の意味:1break n. 破損; 休息, 休憩; 破壊; 中断, 切れ目, 変わり目; (テニスで相手のサービスを破る)サービスブレイク; 勃発; 《口語》 運; 〔球突き〕 連続得点; 失策, へま.【動詞+】The mortgage on your house will get you a tax break. 君の家の住宅ローンがあれば税金の控除を受けられるIt's alw


  1. "breadwinner of the family"読み方
  2. "breadwinners, tired, worried, or out of work, often act out their own pain by brutalizing their children"読み方
  3. "break (change for the worse) in the weather"読み方
  4. "break (off) one's engagement"読み方

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