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  1. Tributary gifts and emissaries from the Arsacid Empire, then under Pacorus II of Parthia ( r . 78 105 CE ), came to the Han in 87 CE, 89 CE, and 101 CE bringing exotic animals such as ostriches and lions.
  2. Ignatius of Antioch, who lived from around 30-108 CE, mentions this in Chapter 9 of his " Epistle to the Magnesians " which is dated to around 101 CE . Justin Martyr, a disciple who lived between 110-165 CE, wrote about this extensively in his " Dialogue With Trypho the Jew . " Another mention of this by Justin Martyr is in his " Apologies " work Section 1 : 67 dated to around 140-150 CE . Below is a portion of the text:
  3. Porter notes that Turner had then nevertheless advanced several earlier dated examples of the practice from the later second century, and one ( BGU III 715.5 ) dated to 101 CE . Porter proposes that, notwithstanding the discovery of the hooked apostrophe in P . K鰈n 255, the original editors'proposal of a mid second century date for the Egerton Papyrus accords better with the paleographic evidence of dated comparator documentary and literary hands for both and this papyrus " the middle of the second century, perhaps tending towards the early part of it ".
  4. Specifically he notes that P . Egerton 2 is in " a less heavy hand with more formal rounded characteristics, but with what the original editors called " cursive affinities " . " Porter adds that " Both manuscripts were apparently written before the development of a more formal Biblical majuscule style, which began to develop in the late second and early third centuries . " In this respect, Porter also notes that although the hooked apostrophe form found in the Cologne fragment of P . Egerton 2 is unusual in the second century, there is at least one known dated example in a papyrus of 101 CE and three others of mid or late second century date . " The result is to bring the two manuscripts together, somewhere in the middle of the second century, perhaps tending towards the early part of it ."


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